We are team of engineers and scientists, lawyers and social activists determined to bring design thinking based solutions to your environmental problems

Our Services

We manage city solid waste with our unique startegy of segregation and recycling techniques. We also provide Incineration units, RDF devices for hazardous waste management. Contact us for more details

Solid Waste Management

We provide Nanobubble Technology, Ozone Technology, Constructed Wetlands for various water body treatment and management. Our designs are based on Net-zero water strategy.

Waste Water Treatment

We have environmental awareness programs for office employees, school students, old citizens and for all. We are equipped for Plantation Drives, Social Uplifting, best out of waste, Cleanliness Programs and organic farming.

Environmental Education Programs

Our company provides Legal Procedures and EIA by accredited labs. Contact for details.

EIA & Legal Services

Our company has collaboration with NACC/NABL accredited labs for scientific research in the universities. Contact for details.

Environmental Research

Our company believes in growing together and helps environmental businesses to establish, grow and expand. Company also deals in Market Research, Marketing and Selling Products at our Green Store. Contact for details.

Business Developement

About Us

Eco9 Environmental Consultants is a team of experts from various fields like Science and Technology, Analysts and Innovators and Social Activists who are determined to bring growth to the companies and general public without compromising the protection of our only planet. Our ventures boast compliance with most of the sustainable development goals set by the major organizations and government. We design solutions for environmental problems using our multidisciplinary approach combined with design thinking to bring long-term results. We are proud to say, we can provide customized technology and methods for solid waste management and wastewater treatment. 

We always strive for growth and development for all in harmony with life on our only planet ! 


Eco9 is always excited to take environmental calls. Feel free to connect to us for your query, concerns and your interest to work with us.